As the Owner’s Representative, PCM ensures each client’s best interests are represented in every business decision, throughout each stage of the design and construction process. PCM works in collaboration with the design and construction team to make sure each project stays on schedule, within budget and upholds optimal design aesthetics, value and functionality for each client. PCM’s comprehensive representation includes:

    • Early involvement – PCM gets involved early to understand and assess the specific needs of each Owner and establish goals to ensure these needs are met.
    • Development Assistance – Based on PCM’s assessment, PCM will then assist the Owner in acquiring funds to bring their goals to reality.
    • Effective Planning – PCM works with all parties involved in regards to construction activities, relocation of personnel, and coordination of schedules.
    • Cost Effectiveness Analysis – PCM provides input early in the design phase on use and availability of materials minimizing future change orders and potential field conflicts.
    • Budget Control – PCM continuously monitors the project to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.
    • Schedule Control – PCM develops complete line item estimates and works with the design team to ensure the design remains within the budget.
    • On-site Representation – PCM provides on-site observation ensuring conformance to the contract documents, industry standards and the owner’s best interests.
    • Claims Reduction – Through detailed management and document control procedures, PCM minimizes the Owner’s risk of litigation from unfounded claims by the Contractor.